Department of Fish & Game

TAPS caribou

The ADF&G liaison acts as staff assistant to the director of the habitat division of the ADF&G. The liaison administers the fish habitat permit program under AS 16.05.841 and AS 16.05.871, which includes issuing permits, commenting on other agency permits, conducting compliance inspections (using SPCO surveillance procedures) and taking enforcement actions, when necessary.


The liaison's mission is to ensure that pipeline activities avoid or mitigate foreseeable impacts to fish and wildlife resources, habitats and public use of fish and wildlife. To accomplish this mission, the liaison works with state and federal agencies and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company to review and provide input on design criteria, project plans, schedules, procedures, manuals, technical specifications, drawings, facility site selection, alignments and restoration or mitigation proposals pertaining to pipeline-related work.


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Fish streams along TAPS

TAPS fish habitat survey (30MB)

More information about agency liaisons is available in the 2014 SPCO Annual Report.