The SPCO engineering section has three primary goals:

  1. 1. Provide technical oversight of facilities, equipment, infrastructure and activities on pipeline leases
  2. 2. Provide technical engineering assistance to the SPCO and liaison agencies
  3. 3. Provide engineering recommendations to the DNR commissioner and the state pipeline coordinator

The engineering section is responsible for verifying that technical requirements of each ROW lease are met. In particular, the engineering section's work ensures that the applicant has the technical and financial capability to protect state and private property interests, that the lessee maintain the leasehold and pipeline in good repair, and that lessee promptly repair or remedy any damage to the leasehold. In addition, engineering helps ensure that each lessee conforms to applicable technical codes and regulations. The engineering section performs code reviews and accepts a design basis for new pipelines or changes to the design basis of existing pipelines. The engineering section also coordinates with other agencies to provide technical assistance, if requested.