Endicott Pipeline


Endicott Pipeline route map

The Endicott development is located offshore in the Beaufort Sea; 15 miles east of Prudhoe Bay. The facilities are located approximately 2.5 miles seaward of the Sagavanirktok River Delta and shoreward of the barrier islands, in water up to 14-feet deep. The Endicott facility includes the main production island, the satellite drilling island, and Endeavor Island (immediately adjacent to the MPI).

The Right-of-Way Lease became effective August 5, 1986 between the State of Alaska and Endicott Pipeline Company for transportation of oil. The original lease expiration date was May, 2, 2004; however, the lease was amended November 26, 2002, and as renewed will expire on May 2, 2034.

Endicott Oil Lease - ADL 410562

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