The administrative section performs multiple functions critical to daily office operations. Administrative staff directs, manages and performs all functions relating to personnel, payroll, recruitment, budgeting, grants and contracts, accounting, computer and network maintenance, facility management, property control, procurement and travel. The section processes all incoming and outgoing correspondence and performs document management of right-of-way case files, financial, procurement and other administrative records, including assistance with public records requests. In fiscal year 2014 (FY2014), administrative staff coordinated and finalized more than 95 contracts and agreements. In addition, more than 246 travel arrangements were processed for SPCO compliance and right-of-way specialists to conduct pipeline compliance, assessment and inspection activities.

The SPCO budget is revenue-based and largely funded with reimbursements from industry. State agency representatives are supported through reimbursable service agreements administered by the SPCO; thus integrating the expertise and authority of multiple departments into one coordinated office. FY2014 SPCO program costs totaled $5,232,849.

On behalf of the State, the SPCO collects general fund/program receipts, also known as pipeline revenues, from lease payments, material sales and application fees. Pipeline revenues are deposited in the State's general fund. FY2014 SPCO pipeline revenue collections grossed $9.53 million.

Each year, the Alaska Legislature appropriates some general fund monies to the SPCO for the purpose of supporting operations unrelated to any specific pipeline lease. The FY2014 net deposit (revenue collected minus legislative appropriation) to the general fund was $8.95 million.