State ANILCA Coordination

Correspondence 2016

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2/9/16U.S. FWS Division of Natural Resources & PlanningProposed Non-Federal Oil and Gas Rights Rulemaking645 KB
2/12/16NPS Alaska Regional DirectorProposed 2016 Compendiums425 KB
4/7/16Secretary JewellProposed Rulemaking for Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife and Public Participation and Closure Procedures118 KB
657 KB
414 KB
140 KB
4/12/16Alaska Regional DirectorProposed Rulemaking for Subsistence Collections: Alaska470 KB
4/25/16Tongass Forest SupervisorShoreline II Outfitter and Guide DEIS473 KB
5/25/16Director, Bureau of Land ManagementProposed Resource Management Planning Rule644 KB
7/6/16Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute and Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training CenterWilderness 2020 Vision Draft Implementation Plan348 KB
8/9/16Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias NPPProposed Action WRST Backcountry and Wilderness Stewardship Plan469 KB
8/29/16BLM DirectorEastern Interior RMP Protest1 MB
9/2/16Superintendent, Glacier Bay NPPGLBA Frontcountry Management Plan Scoping338 KB
9/28/16BLM State DirectorEastern Interior RMP Governor’s Consistency Review138 KB
11/8/16BLM DirectorAppeal of the Governor’s Consistency Review for the Eastern Interior RMP130 KB
315 KB
11/18/16NPS DirectorDirector’s Order 100: Resource Stewardship Policy377 KB
11/23/16OMB-OIRA Desk OfficerInformation Collection Request for Glacier Bay NPP342 KB
12/1/16NPS Alaska RegionSubsistence Collection Rule Meeting Request346 KB

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