State ANILCA Coordination

Correspondence 2010

DateSent to:Project/Topicadobe
1/15/10Superintendent, Katmai NPPBrooks Camp Utility and Housing EA29 kb
1/22/10Kodiak NWRO’Malley River Bear Viewing CD28 kb
1/22/10Park Planner, Denali NPPDog Kennel Access EA21 kb
2/08/10Superintendent, Gates of the Arctic NPPFoundation Statement26 kb
2/16/10Regional Director, NPS2010 Proposed Compendiums66 kb
2/16/10USDA Under Secretary for Natural Resources and EnvironmentForest Service Planning Rule – Scoping176 kb
2/17/10Acting Superintendent, Kenai Fjords NPFoundation Statement23 kb
3/03/10Superintendent, Katmai NPPSwikshak Patrol Cabin Replacement EA22 kb
3/15/10Team Leader, Denali NPPPark Road Vehicle Management Plan Workbook28 kb
3/15/10District Ranger, Petersburg Ranger DistrictPetersburg Outfitter and Guide Plan/EA22 kb
3/25/10Refuge Manager, Yukon Flats NWRDraft Seismic Data Collection Compatibility Determination20 kb
3/26/10Superintendent, Gates of the Arctic NPPScoping for Gates of the Arctic GMP Amendment24 kb
4/05/10US Coast GuardSearch and Rescue Communication Facilities on Kodiak NWR – EA24 kb
4/08/10State Director, BLMKenai Recreation Areas Withdrawal Extension20 kb
5/05/10Alaska State Director BLMSixmile Creek Withdrawal Extension20 kb
5/06/10Glenallen Field Manager BLMDelta WSR SRMA Plan/EA2.43 mb
5/06/10Project Coordinator USFWSIzembek Land Exchange EIS Scoping1.68 mb
5/11/10Planning Team Leader, Arctic NWRArctic NWR Revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan/EIS - Scoping92 kb
5/12/10Superintendent, Western Arctic ParklandsCape Krusenstern NM and Kobuk Valley NP Foundation Statements22 kb
5/14/10Director, National Park ServiceNPS Regulations at 36 CFR 1.2(a)35 kb
5/14/10Refuge Manager, Kodiak NWRDraft Commercial Fisheries Support Facilities Management Plan61 kb
5/28/10Superintendent, Lake Clark NPPTwo Lakes Land Exchange EA22 kb
5/28/10Superintendent, Lake Clark NPPSilver Salmon Creek Right-of-Way Certificate of Access - EA22 kb
6/07/10Refuge Manager, Arctic NWRArctic NWR Revised CCP/EIS – Supplemental Scoping28 kb
6/07/10Refuge Manager, Arctic NWRArctic NWR Revised CCP/EIS Notice of Intent1.49 mb
6/15/10Division of Comprehensive Planning and PolicyScoping for RWE and SUP for proposed TERRA-SW Telecommunication Network Project21 kb
7/12/10Environmental Protection Specialist, NPS Alaska RegionArctic Inventory and Monitoring Network EA26 kb
7/15/10Katmai National Park & PreserveBrooks Camp Picnic Area Improvements EA21 kb
7/19/10Team Leader, USFS Alaska RegionTongass Radio Communication Site Upgrades EA20 kb
7/30/10Refuge Manager, Kodiak NWRIntegrated Pest Management of Invasive Plants EA83 kb
8/04/10Regional Director, NPSADF&G Salmon Stock Identification Program on Alagnak River24 kb
8/06/10Superintendent, Katmai NPPADF&G Salmon Stock Identification Program Cooperator Request203 kb
10/01/10Planning Team Leader, BLMNPRA Integrated Activity Plan EIS Scoping140 kb
10/26/10Refuge Manager, Kenai NWRShadura #1 Exploration Project EA22 kb
10/26/10District Ranger, Ketchikan-Misty Fiords Ranger DistrictOutfitter/Guide Management Plan/EIS Scoping26 kb
11/04/10Superintendent, Lake Clark NPPSilver Salmon Creek ORV Management EA23 kb
11/10/10Project Manager, Wrangell-St. Elias NPPNabesna ORV Management Plan/DEIS78 kb
11/12/10Refuge Manager, Arctic NWRDraft Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report27 kb
11/15/10Superintendent, Gates of the Arctic NPPGMP Amendment Draft Alternatives46 kb
11/17/10Secretary of InteriorANILCA953 kb
11/19/10District Ranger, Wrangell Ranger DistrictGarnet Ledge Cabin Replacement20 kb
12/02/10Visitor Services, USFWSFriends Organization Draft Policy27 kb
12/02/10Acting Director, USFWSTogiak Refuge PUMP/FONSI1.39 mb
12/22/10Sitka District Ranger, USFSWhite Sulphur Springs Cabin EA121 kb
12/29/10Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias NPPMcCarthy Communications Facility Sites EA22 kb

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