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State ANILCA Coordination

Correspondence 2001

Date Sent to: Project/Topic adobe
12/06/01 Alaska Regional Director, National Park Service, Anchorage 2001 Katmai Compendium, including information to assist Alaska parks in preparing or revising compendia 406 kb
12/05/01 Alaska Regional Office, USFWS, Anchorage EIS: Southern Intertie, compatibility determination 124 kb
10/26/01 Kenai Fjords National Park Exit Glacier visitor plan newsletter 121 kb
7/18/01 Katmai National Park and Preserve Scoping Comments, Alagnak Wild River Management Plan 42 kb
7/03/01 USFWS, Alaska Regional Office, Anchorage USGS Streambed Sediment Sampling in Togiak and Yukon Delta Wildlife Refuges 28 kb
6/29/01 Denali National Park and Preserve EA: Reclamation of Kantishna Mined Lands Program 29 kb
6/14/01 USFWS, Div. of Conservation Planning and Policy, National Office Four draft national policies per the Refuge Improvement Act of 1997 32 kb
4/19/01 USFWS, Div. of Conservation Planning and Policy, National Office Request comment period extension for three draft national policies 30 kb
4/02/01 Denali National Park and Preserve EA: Expanded Parking in Park Headquarters Area 29 kb
3/15/01 Denali National Park and Preserve Backcountry Management Plan, Draft Alternatives in Denali Dispatch 44 kb
3/12/01 Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve EA: Proposed Crystalline Hills Trail 30 kb
2/14/01 USFWS, Chief of Resources, National Office Final Policy on Biological Integrity, Diversity, and Environmental Health 30 kb
2/06/01 BLM District Office, Glennallen Denali Highway Interpretive Master Plan 16 kb
1/12/01 Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Homer, AK EA: Removal of Amchitka Structures and Remediation 33 kb
1/03/01 Bureau of Land Management, Washington, D.C. Draft National Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Strategy 39 kb

Contact Information

Susan Magee
State ANILCA Program Coordinator
Phone: 907-269-7529
Office of Project Management & Permitting
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1430
Anchorage, AK 99501-3579
Fax: 907-269-5673