State ANILCA Coordination

Correspondence 2000

DateSent to:Project/Topicadobe
12/15/00USFWS, Branch of Resources, Washington, D.C.Draft National Ecological Integrity Policy31 kb
11/21/00NPS Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance ProgramLegal Public Access to Alaska's Recreation Trails, A Citizen's "how to" Handbook140 kb
11/16/00USFWS, Div. of Refugees, Washington, D.C.Final National Compatibility Policy and Regulations37 kb
9/19/00BLM, Washington, D.C.National off-highway vehicle (OHV) scoping comments28 kb
9/18/00NPS, Office of Policy, Washington, D.C.Draft revision of Policies and Guidance, Commercial Visitors Services22 kb
8/01/00BLM, Washington, D.C.Draft Planning Manual and Handbook31 kb
7/10/00Superintendent, Denali National Park and PreserveFinal Rule, 36 CFR Parts 5 and 13 (including snowmobile closures)27 kb
6/30/00USFWS, Div. of Realty, National OfficeInterim Nationwide Land Acquisition Priority System8 kb
4/20/00NPS, Ranger Activities, Washington, D.C.Final Rule, 36 CFR Parts 1, 3 and 13 (personal water craft prohibitions)22 kb
3/20/00NPS, Office of Policy, Washington, D.C.Draft National Management Policies41 kb
1/25/00Superintendent, Denali National Park and PreserveProposed Rule, 36 CFR Parts 5 and 13 (including snowmobile closures)38 kb

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