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The CPQ and Evaluation in Word Format


Open the Word CPQ Template and Save As initially and name your document appropriately on your computer keeping the document as a template (use the .dot extension).

You may tab from field to field (indicated in gray) and fill in the appropriate information. In order for the template to retain its formatting, it is best to constrain your text entries to the space provided to the degree possible where columns are involved. If your text entries exceed the allotted space you will find that text within the form will shift and alignment of various items will change. In sections of the document that request a narrative description, this should not be a problem as everything below your descriptive text will just move downward in the document. Where checkboxes need to be selected, you may either tab to the box and type x or click on the box with your mouse which places an x in the box.

As you fill out your form, be sure to Continue to Save as you work your way through the form (*the gray data entry boxes will not print) for signature and submittal. If you would like to save your document as a word document when you are done you may do so, however it will no longer function as a form.

CPQ Instructions for filling out the Coastal Project Questionnaire (CPQ). This document is being updated to reflect recent changes to the program.

State Agency and Coastal District Contacts You will need to send your CPQ package to the State agency who will coordinate the review of your project. If your project requires permit(s) from only one State agency, then that agency will be the coordinating agency for your project. If your project requires permits from more than one State agency or a federal permit, then the Division of Coastal and Ocean Management will be your coordinating agency.

For additional information or assistance, call or email the Juneau Project Review Assistant at (907) 465-2142, or the Anchorage Project Review Assistant at (907) 269-7478.

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