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CPQ Instructions



Dear Applicant or Federal Project Proponent:

The State of Alaska uses a multiple agency coordinated system for reviewing and processing all resource-related permits which are required for proposed projects in or affecting coastal areas of Alaska. This system, called "project consistency review," is based on the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP) and is designed to improve management of Alaska's coastal land and water uses. Project proposals are reviewed to determine the project's consistency with the standards of the ACMP and enforceable policies of approved district coastal management programs. Participants in the State's review process include:
  • You, the applicant;
  • State resource agencies: Alaska Departments of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Fish and Game (DFG), and Natural Resources (DNR);
  • The affected local coastal district; and
  • Other interested members of the public.
Your answers to the Coastal Project Questionnaire (CPQ) will determine State and federal permitting requirements as well as which State agency will coordinate the consistency review.* Please be advised that the CPQ identifies only permits subject to a consistency review.
* You may need additional permits from other agencies or local governments to proceed with your activity. The Division of Coastal and Ocean Management (DCOM) will coordinate the review if:
  • The project is a federal activity;
  • The project requires a federal government approval; or
  • The project requires permits from more than one State agency.
All other reviews will be coordinated by the State agency responsible for issuing those permits. The State considers all aspects of a proposed activity in a single consistency review. Your answers to the questions must reflect all elements of the activity, and all applications for the entire project must be submitted together. This approach eliminates repetitive ACMP reviews and decisions on the same project. However, you should be advised that individual permits may still need further review by issuing agencies for non-ACMP concerns upon completion of the ACMP consistency review. Before you finalize project plans and submit your application, the State can arrange a preapplication meeting among review participants and yourself to review your draft plans. This meeting identifies concerns, information needs and promotes a mutual understanding of your project. To arrange a preapplication meeting, contact the coordinating agency in your region (regional contacts). In lieu of a meeting, the coordinating agency can distribute materials to review participants for preapplication assistance. For all projects proposed by applicants and federal agencies the consistency review begins upon receipt of your complete application packet by the coordinating agency. A complete application packet includes:
  • A completed, signed CPQ;
  • Copies of any necessary State and/or federal applications, topographic maps and plan drawings required by the approving agency(ies) (ORIGINALS go to the State or federal issuing agency. Fees associated with a State permit must be submitted to the issuing agency.); and
  • Any additional pertinent information, including public notices from agencies.
All packets must be submitted to DCOM, with the following exceptions:
  • If your application packet includes an application which contains confidential information, submit that application ONLY to the applicable State agency, and the remainder of the packet to the coordinating agency.
  • If the project involves placer mining, submit an Annual Placer Mining Application (instead of the CPQ) to DNR, Division of Mining.
  • If you need permits from only one State agency and no federal agencies, submit the entire packet to that State agency.
  • If you are applying to grow shellfish or aquatic plants, you must submit an aquatic farm application packet to DNR during the scheduled filing period.
Some projects that will have no significant impact on coastal resources, or that are routine activities, may be exempt from individual consistency review requirements. These projects are called "categorical permits" or "general concurrence determinations," respectively. The State maintains a list identifying permits and projects that qualify for these categories of expedited review. The list is referred to as the "Classification of State Agency Permits" (ABC List). Applicants must complete the CPQ so the State can determine whether a proposed project qualifies for an expedited review. Contact DCOM for more information. REVIEW OF YOUR PROJECT WILL BEGIN WHEN THE COORDINATING AGENCY HAS DETERMINED THAT THE APPLICATION PACKET IS COMPLETE.

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