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Pronunciation (mat-uh-NOO-skuh soo-SIT-nuh); abbr. Mat-Su
Local Government Structure Second Class Borough
Economic Base Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, Mining, Agriculture and Government
Annual Precipitation 79" including snowfall
Population 82,515
Legislative District 8, 12, 14, 15, D, F, G, H
Coastal Area (sq. miles) 4,149 square miles
Shoreline 75 miles
Hours of Daylight Summer 19 hours, 33 min
Hours of Daylight Winter 5 hours, 19 min

Community Overview

The borough is comprised of the lush farmlands of the Matanuska-Susitna River Valleys. It includes portions of the Alaska Range with Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, just outside its borders. The varied landscape also has portions of the Chugach Mountains and virtually all of the Talkeetna and Clearwater Ranges. Huge areas of wetlands, lakes, and waterways provide important fish and wildlife habitat.



Coastal Coordinator:

Susan Lee
350 E. Dahlia Avenue
Palmer, AK 99645-6488
Fax: 907-745-9876

Division of Commerce, Community & Economic Development:

Ruth St. Amour
Phone: 907-269-4527


ACMP Planner: Joanne Schmidt
Coastal Resource Specialist


Coastal Management Plan (474 kb pdf)

Enforceable Policies (89.9 kb pdf)

Designated Area (8.8 kb pdf)


Point McKenzie Area Meriting Special Attention:

AMSA Coastal Plan (309 kb pdf)
Enforceable Policies (54.9 kb pdf)
Designated Area (24 kb pdf)
Supplemental Area Meriting Special Attention Map


Supplemental Maps:

Vicinity Map (1.44 mb pdf) Swan Map (3.36 mb pdf)
Recreation Areas Map (3.68 mb pdf) Dall Sheep Map (2.34 mb pdf)
Soils Map (4.08 mb pdf) Anadromous Fish Stream Map (3.68 mb pdf)
Ducks and Geese Map (2.88 mb pdf) Moose Map (3.95 mb pdf)
Eagle Map (1.99 mb pdf) Area Meriting Special Attention (352 kb pdf)