Funding Programs for Alaska Coastal Districts

The Alaska Coastal Clean Water Plan (ACCWP)

Congress created Section 6217, titled "Protecting Coastal Waters," to help address nonpoint source pollution problems nationwide. Examples of nonpoint source pollution are failing septic tanks and leach fields oozing to the surface, runoff and snowmelt carrying oil and grease into streams and poorly constructed logging roads creating sediment. There is no funding available for FFY11. For more information on Section 6217, contact Dave Gann (907)465-3529

NOAA Section 309 Enhancement Grants

Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act establishes a voluntary coastal zone enhancement grants program to encourage the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP) to develop program changes in one or more of the following nine enhancement areas: Wetlands, Coastal Hazards, Public Access, Marine Debris, Cumulative and Secondary Impacts, Special Area Management Planning, Ocean Resources, Energy and Government Facility Siting, and Aquaculture.

National 309 Enhancement Program

Project Solitication

As a 309 Enhancement Grant Program participant, the ACMP also prepares a 309 Assessment and Strategy document which outlines progress, needs, and strategy related to the enhancement areas.

arrow 2011 ACMP 309 Assessment and Strategy

For more information on 309 Enhancement Grants Program, contact Shauna McMahon (907) 465-3541