Certified Seed Potato Production

Why Use Certified Seed Potatoes

Alaska's potato crop is free from many serious pests and diseases that are common in the continental United States. Imported potatoes could introduce problems such as late blight, root knot nematode, viruses and other destructive organisms. Certification is designed to identify and remove from use those seed lots which have become diseased or are otherwise of reduced value for use as seed.

Late Blight
Late blight potato leaf
Characteristic leaf discoloration is a sign of late blight

Alaska's certified seed potato growers start with disease tested stock and increase this seed in accordance with the strict certification standards. Growers manage their seed production to limit the possible exposure to diseases, but re-infection can occur from soil or other sources. The procedures used by the seed growers enable them to supply end-users with excellent quality planting stock of named varieties. Only those plantings meeting the minimum disease tolerance are allowed.

Seed potatoes are regulated because the potato is vegetatively propagated, and many afflictions can be carried in or on the potatoes used for planting. Excluding diseases from seed stock is critical. Diseases can travel long distances by the wind or insects or transferred on contaminated equipment. Planting Certified seed will help you produce a good crop and will help protect your neighbors too.




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